Spaarne 1301: the new double-CD devoted to the works of Nicolas Vallet

During the International Lute Event / Early Music Festival Utrecht 2013, the double-CD "Resveillez vous”, Nicolaes Vallet - Psalms and Music for Lute was presented by the Foundation Spaarne Muziekdagen.

CD 1 comprises integrally Vallet's "Een en twintich Psalmen Davids” (Amsterdam 1615) supplemented with eight preludes from "Regia pietas” (Amsterdam 1620).
CD 2 contains a large selection of works for lute solo and Vallet's for lute quartet from the "Secretum musarum” (Amsterdam 1615-1616).

The musicians involved:
Tineke Roseboom (soprano), Kaspar Kröner (alto), Harry van Berne (tenor), Jasper Schweppe (baritone) and Jelle Draijer (bass). Lute accompaniment and all lute solo's by Willem Mook.
The Nicolaes Vallet Lute Quartet: Israel Golani, René Genis, Arjen Verhage and Willem Mook.

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Listen to 9 extracts from this album (in mp3).

Images of recording sessions in the Lutheran Church of Haarlem

photography: Henze Boekhout

Other CDs with lutenist Willem Mook: information, purchase

In March 2009 the CD "La Cause est Amer – Medieval Love Poems from Japan and the Low Countries” was brought out by Ensemble Quadrivium: Ellen Delahanty (soprano), Geert van Gele (recorders and
organetto), Bill Taylor (harp, psaltery) and Willem Mook (lutes).

The lutes played are a plectrum played 5-course lute, a 6-course alto-lute and a 7-course bass-lute.
Harp and lutes are all strung in gut.

The illustrated booklet in English contains both commentaries on the repertoire and translations
of the songtexts. This album was produced by the new Belgian early music label Kattenberg.

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Listen to 4 extracts from this album.

In 2006 the CD “Proba me Deus – Music by Constantine Huygens and contemporaries” was brought out
with the singers Harry van Berne (tenor) and Jasper Schweppe (baritone) and Margo Fontijne (viol).

In the richly illustrated textbook (68 pages, in both Dutch and English) Willem Mook tells the story of the
musical life of Huygens as reflected in the recorded music.

The album was issued by the Spaarne Muziek Foundation and has been received with international acclaim (see CD reviews).

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Listen to 4 extracts from this album.




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